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Tom Wilson fonds

  • RC0907
  • Fonds
  • 1986-2017

The fonds consists of notebooks (35 items) in which Wilson recorded his thoughts, ideas for songs, draft lyrics, occasional drawings, photographs, and more, ca.2003-2010 (also includes 11 photographs); the Florida Razors’ vinyl recording Beat Music, 1986; 14 sound recordings on tape of the Florida Razors, Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, and Wilson solo material; notes and annotated galley proofs of Beautiful Scars; and two paintings by Wilson.

Wilson, Tom

Eugene McNamara fonds

  • RC0195
  • Fonds
  • 1927-2012

There have been four accruals. The first accrual (03-2000), measures 6.52 m and consists of 16 series: Poetry; Short Stories; Non-fiction; Fiction; Plays; Poetry to McNamara from Joyce Carol Oates; Contracts; Personal; Sesame Press; Reading and Creative Writing Courses Taught; Conferences; University of Windsor Courses Taught; Reviews of McNamara's work; Correspondence; Dissertation; Publications - sub-series: poetry. short stories, non-fiction, Sesame Press, University of Windsor Review. The second accrual (39-2002), measures 1.60 m and consists of the following series: Journals and Notebooks; Poetry; Short Stories and fiction; Non-fiction; Correspondence; Personal. This accrual is supplemented with a collection of books and periodicals. The third accrual (35-2006) consists of three series: Manuscripts; Personal Materials; Journals and Notebooks. The fourth accrual (28-1010), measures 38 cm and consists of journals, poetry, short stories, and a novel. The fifth accrual (2013-003) consists of the following series: Notebooks, Poetry, Fiction; Seminars, Teaching, Readings and Awards; Correspondence and Personal, Business and Other. The fifth accrual was accompanied by periodicals and monographs containing McNamara’s work. These have been separated from the archival collection and a list accompanies this finding aid.

McNamara, Eugene

Anne Russell fonds

  • RC0939
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1956-1965

Fonds consists of records created or received by Anne Russell, particularly during the period of her secondary education (ca. 1956-1962).

Russell, Felicity Anne

Carl Stoyan fonds

  • RC0783
  • Fonds
  • 1980-1982

The fonds consists of personal and commercial artwork by Stoyan. It includes political materials: a comic mock cover of Jimmy Carter on Time magazine, a drawing of President Ronald Regan with “Greacan Formula Hair Dye”, and a group of political figures and party girls surrounding “Dada Uganda”, i.e. Idi Amin. There are also comic drawings, some titled “Scruff”. Finally, there are a two pieces of commercial art for Cedarbrae Volkswagen in Scarborough and Stan Lanes Sports on the Danforth in Toronto. The work is done in a variety of different mediums: tempera, pen and ink, paint and brush, pentel and felt pens. There are two acetate overlays.

Stoyan, Carl

Pierre Berton fonds

  • RC0052
  • Fonds
  • [1872]-2010

There have been sixteen accruals. The first accrual consists of correspondence, research materials, photographs, newspapers and news clippings, maps, and manuscripts. The second accrual consists of manuscripts, research files, and correspondence. The third accrual consists of manuscripts, research materials, Heritage Canada materials and correspondence. The fourth accrual consists of manuscripts and correspondence. The fifth accrual consists of manuscripts, correspondence, Heritage Canada materials, and Berton Celebration dinner. The sixth accrual consists of manuscripts and correspondence.The seventh accrual consists of correspondence including some early family correspondence, juvenilia and journals, and manuscripts. The eighth accrual consists of manuscripts and correspondence. The ninth accrual consists of correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper columns, news clippings. The tenth accrual (03-1998) measures 7.1 m, consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and printed materials, 1898-1998; 1994-1996 predominant. The eleventh accrual (05-1999 and 19-1999) measures 12.9 m and consists of the following: correspondence, media, contracts, manuscripts, speeches, promotional material, printed material, public relations, personal, research files and other material, artwork, photographs and audio-visual materials. The twelfth accrual (16-2002) measures 6m and consists of correspondence, royalty statements, photographs, clippings, manuscripts and research material. The thirteenth accrual (50-2007) has been arranged into nine series: books, articles, and other writings; public appearances; correspondence; pocket diaries and address book; subject files; news clippings; drawings, photographs and sound recordings; oversized materials. The fourteenth accrual (52-2008) consists of 4 letters to and from T.G. Reed. The fifteenth accrual (2012-001) consists of early writings, contracts, personal and awards, research material, chronological files, printed material, correspondence, photographs and sound recordings. The sixteenth accrual (2013-040) consists of writings; correspondence; personal, art work and graphic publications; subject files and photographs, graphic and printed materials.

Berton, Pierre

Neil Armstrong fonds

  • RC0934
  • Fonds
  • 1994-2006

Fonds consists of cassette tapes containing recordings of interviews conducted by Neil Armstrong of prominent Black and Caribbean artists, authors, poets, publishers, academics, and politicians for the York University student radio, CHRY 105.5FM. Interviews cover topics such as Black and Caribbean history, literature, community events, international work, and more. Interviewees include The Honourable Lincoln Alexander, Dionne Brand, Afua Cooper, The Honourable Rosemary Brown, Austin Clarke, George Elliott Clark, Louise Bennett (Miss Lou), and others. Some tapes have interviews or speeches made by these individuals outside of a CHRY interview.

Tapes were numbered in accordance with the original order upon arrival. Note: The “A” or “B” following the tape number reflects which side of the tape the recording may be found. Tapes without an affixed letter contain only one recording.

Armstrong, Neil

Ian Thomas

  • RC0500
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2009

There have been three accruals. The first accrual has been arranged into seven series as follows: music, correspondence, certificates and awards, press and promotional materials, photographs, audio discs, realia. The second accrual consists of press and promotional materials, as well as a few items of correspondence, photographs and other materials The third accrual consists of SRO Management records related to Ian Thomas and 45 audio recordings (commercial releases and masters).

Thomas, Ian

Art Cooper Collection of Comic Art and Fanzines

  • RC0942
  • Collection
  • 1936-2017, predominant 1971-1978

Collection contains original artwork and copies of posters for the McMaster Campus Cinema screening program; posters or comic art created or collected by Art Cooper; and fanzines and mini comics created in the Southern Ontario region, particularly in the early 1970s.

Cooper, Art

Key Porter Books fonds

  • RC0120
  • Fonds
  • 1945-2007

The fonds contains administrative and editorial files, including: correspondence, manuscripts, proofs, contracts, marketing plans, cost sheets, business papers, and other material.

Key Porter Books

G. Brender à Brandis

  • RC0162
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2020

There have been five accruals. The first accrual consists of correspondence, artist's proofs of wood engravings, limited editions, sketches, sketchbooks, free-hand drawings on tracing paper, news clippings and keepsakes as well as manuscript material, photographs, slides and audio cassettes. This accrual of the Brender à Brandis fonds was accompanied by a donation of some of his book imprints. The collection has been catalogued for Research Collections. The accrual (1.45 m) is arranged into 5 series: personal correspondence; manuscripts; news clippings and ephemera; graphic material; sound recordings. The second accrual (53 cm) consists of pencil, pen and ink, charcoal drawings and sketches, watercolour paintings, artist's proofs, limited editions and other prints done in the linocut and wood engraving technique. A book which accompanies this accrual has been catalogued for Research Collections. The accrual is arranged into 3 series: drawings; paintings; engravings. The third accrual consists mostly of graphic material, as well as a few clippings, two reel to reel films, and some additional monographs which have been added to the Division's collection. The fourth accrual consists of personal correspondence from Gerard Brender à Brandis and other members of his family to Donald Bragg, graphic materials, and seven books which have been added to the Division’s collection. The fifth accrual consists mostly of graphic material and engraved woodblocks. There are 167 wood engraving prints, along with 43 engraved woodblocks, a small number of photographs, and DVDs with tours of Brender à Brandis’ workshop.

Brender à Brandis, G.

Lucy Russell fonds

  • RC0933
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1971

Fonds consists of records created or received by Lucy Russell, predominantly during the period when she was of writing age and under Bertrand and Edith Russell’s care (ca. 1953-1965).

With Lucy Russell’s archive came her childhood library—226 volumes in total. As of January 2024, these books are slated for cataloguing. In the meantime, a full listing can be provided to interested parties.

Russell, Lucy Catherine

Sarah Russell fonds

  • RC0941
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1952-1981

Fonds consists of records created or received by Sarah Russell, particularly during the period of her secondary and post-secondary education (ca. 1956-1979).

Russell, Sarah Elizabeth

Andy Donato collection

  • RC0764
  • Collection
  • [197-]-[1980]

The collection consists of 22 drawings.

Donato, Andy

Mose Scarlett fonds

  • RC0870
  • Fonds
  • 1965-2019

Fonds consists primarily of materials documenting Scarlett’s music career, which spanned five decades. This includes contracts, travel plans for tours, performance programmes, promotional materials, photographs, recordings, sheet music, and other materials. There is also a small amount of personal materials, including correspondence, chiefly with singer-songwriter and painter Mendelson Joe, letters to the Canadian government, drafts of op-eds, and other materials.

Scarlett, Mose

Patience Josephine Ruth (Jo) Vellacott fonds

  • RC0935
  • Fonds
  • Ca. 1923-2019; predominant 1950-2010.

The Jo Vellacott fonds contains extensive documentation regarding Vellacott’s work as a historian of women, feminism, pacifism, and Bertrand Russell, both as an academic at several Canadian universities, as well as her work as an independent scholar. The fonds contains a significant amount of correspondence, both personal and professional, which spans almost the entirety of Vellacott’s life. Fonds also contains materials relating to Vellacott’s education, particularly her PhD work at McMaster University, and much of her personal and scholarly writings. It also contains materials relating to Vellacott’s Quakerism and involvement with the Thousand Island Monthly Meetings, as well as photographs of Vellacott and paintings and sketches she made.

Vellacott, Patience Josephine Ruth (Jo)

Alvin Lee fonds

  • RC0009
  • Fonds
  • 1945-2022

The fonds consists of material related to Dr. Lee’s academic and teaching career, his tenure as President of McMaster University (1980-1990), his professional and personal correspondence, speeches, and honours.

Lee, Alvin A.

J. Robert Janes fonds

  • RC0114
  • Fonds
  • 1908-2022, predominant ca.1940-2019

The fonds consists of: Manuscripts and publications; Promotional materials; Correspondence, memoranda, and diaries; Personal and family records; Professional teaching; Photographs, sound recordings and moving images; Material relating to Stephen Leacock; Artwork; and other materials.

Janes, J. Robert

Almenach perpetuel : manuscript

  • MS134
  • Pièce
  • 1770

Manuscript volume with French script in red and black ink.
Also includes: Propheties perpetuelles tres curieuses et très certaines : manuscript / de Thomas Joseph Moult natif de Naples ; astronome et philosophe ; traduites de l'italien en francais qui auront pour l'an 1269 et dureront jusqu'à la fin des siècles ; faites à St. Denis en France l'an de notre seigneur 1268 du regne de Louis IX. Le quarante deuxième suivant la copie de Paris imprimé à Luxembourg chez André Chevalier 1769.

Introduzione alla geografia : della sfera armillare : partie prima : manuscript

  • MS135
  • Pièce
  • 1755

Fair copy scientific manuscript; possibly incorporating elements of Alberto Pappiani's treatise Della sfera armillare e dell'uso di essa nella astronomia nautica e gnomonic (Florence, 1755).
Includes index and errata.
Title page illuminated in blue, orange, red, green, and yellow gouache paint, within three-rule inked border; title page of second part illuminated in red, grey, pink, and yellow gouache paint within three-rule inked border.
Illustration of an armillary sphere on leaf following title leaf, painted in brown, yellow, orange, and black within three-rule inked border.
Contents: Introduzione alla Geografia parte prima. Introduzione alla Geografia parte seconda. Dell' uso del Globo. Tavola I. Della grandezza, della distanza, e della revoluzione de' pianeti. Tavola II. De' climi di mezz'ora. Tavola III. De' climi di un mese. Tavola IV. Del valore di un grado di ciascun parallelo dall' equatore fino a' poli. Tavola V. Del mezzogiorno, e della mezzanotte, secondo l'orivolo italiano di cinq: in cinque Minuti. Tavola VI. De' xxxii venti co' diversi loro nomi comunemente usati soprail Mediterraneo, e sopra l'oceano. Tavola VII. Delle latitudini, e delle differenze di longitudini, che alcune città, e luoghi più insigni della terra hanno dal meridiano, che passa per l'isola del Ferro. Tavola VIII. Delle latitudini, e delle differenze di longitudini, che alcune città, e luoghi più in signi della Terra hanno dal meridiano Fiorentino.

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