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Diamant, David.

  • Person

David Diamant is the pseudonym of David Erlich, a Jewish communist and committed member of the underground resistance during World War II.

Grant, Francis Richard Charles.

  • Person
  • 1834-1899

Francis Richard Charles Grant was the author, with John Parker Anderson, of a Life of Samuel Johnson (1887).

Socialist Party of Canada

  • Corporate body
  • 1904-

The Socialist Party of Canada was founded in 1904 when the Socialist Party of British Columbia merged with the Canadian Socialist League. By 1910 the party stretched across Canada. The party's philosophy is revolutionary, holding a view known as "impossibilism", that is that capitalism is not capable of being reformed. Support for the party waned after the collapse of the 1919 general strikes. The Socialist Party of Canada is affiliated with the World Socialist Party of the United States and the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Upper Canada Monthly Meeting (Society of Friends)

  • Corporate body

The first Society of Friends Preparative Meeting in Upper Canada was held at Yonge Street, 6 June 1804, authorized by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The first Yonge Street Monthly Meeting was held in September 1806. In 1812 Yonge Street Monthly Meeting allowed an indulged meeting to be held at the house of John Haight which was situated near Pickering. In 1819 a Preparative Meeting was established at Pickering in the newly built meeting house which was used until 1833-34 when a new meeting house was built. There was a split in 1828 between Orthodox members and a Hicksite faction with the Hicksites forced to establish a new meeting house about two miles away. This split was not unique to Pickering but reflective of a wider movement both in British North America and the United States which is often referred to as the Great Separation. Friends who were followers of Elias Hicks separated from the existing body of Friends.

St. Peter's Anglican Church (Hamilton, Ont.)

  • Corporate body

A brief history of St. Peter's, Barton, Ont. can be found in the finding aid. St. Peter's closed in 1908. It was succeded by Holy Trinity Church, Barton, Ont. Barton, Ont. is now part of Hamilton, Ont.


  • Corporate body

Trenton Air Station was the hub of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada during World War II.

Canron Ltd.

  • Corporate body

The members of Local 2940 are employees of Canron Ltd., Foundry Division

Greening Industries Ltd.

  • Corporate body

Members of Local 2950 are employees of Greening Industries Ltd., Hamilton Division.

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