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Ten Sermons

  • MS060
  • Stuk
  • 1690

Stamped on spine: Sermons. Mss. The only sermon that is dated is sermon no. 7, preached at Seaham on 13 April 1690. A reader on 27 Oct. 1847 noted the following: "Curious and contains some good things. The writer is neither Puritan nor Papist".

George Clarke

  • RC0268
  • Archief
  • 1690-1691

Fonds consists of 50 items, most of which are letters to Clarke concerning military matters falling under his control as Secretary at War. Several of the letters were sent to Clarke from Mullingar, where the English army established a military depot in 1690, and were received in various places as he moved through the countryside: at Dublin (Mar. 1690); Limerick (Aug. 1690); Cashells (Sept. 1690); Dublin (Nov. 1690); Clonmel (Dec. 1690); Kilkenny (Dec. 1960). Other letters concern Clarke’s personal affairs, with letters from his mother (who nonetheless also informed her son of military matters, as her husband had also been Secretary at War) and from the women who managed his manor at Kilkenny during his absence.

Clarke, George

Bill of sale [Kauff-Brief.]

  • MS130
  • Stuk
  • 3 June 1716

Item consists of a bill of sale [Kauff-Brief] by Andreas Roessner, burgess and basketmaker at Kelheim [Kerbelmacher zu Kelhaimb] in Bavaria, and Maria his wife. The other party to the sale is named Christopher [Nachhilter?], burgess and soap-boiler [Saiffensieder] at Kelheim. The bill ends with the date 3 June 1716. Afterward there is an authorizing signature by Johann Albrecht Notthaft von Weissentein, who acquired the lands of Affecking, now part of the city of Kelheim, through marriage. Notthaft died on 9 August 1727 at the age of 79.

The bill is an unbound manuscript written in ink, now faded to light brown, executed on a single sheet of laid paper in folio format. The paper bears a stamp in black ink, 3 cm in diameter, reading “(VI) Kreizer-Papier,” a paper manufacture which dates to about the end of the seventeenth century. It also bears a watermark of a fleur-de-lis. Beside the signature of Notthaft, there is a black wax seal, 2 cm in diameter, depicting a coat-of-arms surmounted by a crown with the letters “HANFVW” [ie Hans Albrecht Notthaft, Freiherr von Weissenstein?]. The bill has been folded numerous times and bears the title “Kauff Brief” with comments and the date 3 June 1716 on the outer fold. The language appears to be mainly High German with some dialectic peculiarities.

Roessner, Andreas and Maria

Knights of Malta - Primo trattato del commun tesoro dell'ordine militare de Sant' Giovanni Battista Gerosolomitano, appellato inappresso di Rodi hoggidi detto di Malta. Opera prima de questa materia del Venerando Prior Caravita. Tomo V

  • MS034
  • Stuk
  • 1719

Translation of title: The First Treaty of the Sacred Treasury of the Military Order of Saint John the Baptist of Jerusalem, hereafter named of Rhodes, today named of Malta. The first work on this matter of the Reverend Prior Caravita. 5th volume.

Knights of Malta - Secundo trattato del commun tesoro dell'ordine militare de Sant' Giovanni Battista Gerosolomitano, inappresso di Rodi apellato hoggidi detto di Malta. Opera seconda de qusta materia del Venerando Prior Caravita. Tomo VI

  • MS035
  • Stuk
  • 1719

Translation of title: The Second Treaty of the Sacred Treasury of the Military Order of Saint John the Baptist of Jerusalem, hereafter named of Rhodes, today named of Malta. The second work on this matter of the Reverend Prior Caravita. 6th volume.

London Tea Merchant's Ledger

  • MS104
  • Stuk
  • 1715-1720

The ledger lists customers and their orders for tea, coffee, chocolate, tobacco (usu. snuff), and other goods. An index at the beginning references pages. Inscribed on the spine is T.T. Leidger B 1715. This is repeated on the front cover, but appears to say TI instead of TT.

Eighteenth Century Newsletters collection

  • MS139
  • Collectie
  • 1719-1720

This collection of newsletters was written in London by John Farr and his son John Farr Junior between 25 June 1719 and 10 September 1720. They were sent periodically to Francis Thistlethwayte in Winterslow, Wiltshire. The number sent varies from five to fourteen per month. The content includes: military and naval affairs, especially the war with Spain; foreign news from Europe, Jamaica, Newfoundland, and the Americas; news from Scotland and Ireland; commerce and shipping movements; natural disasters such as earthquakes; criminal affairs, spies, murders and arrests; deaths and the funeral of Joseph Addison; legal reports, stock reports and quotations, South Sea Bubble, politics and Parliamentary affairs.

The most likely Francis Thistlethwayte to be a recipient of the newsletters was born in 1658 and attended New College Oxford. The date of his death is uncertain but his father, Alexander (1636-1715) was long-lived. John Farr signed one newsletter dated 12 December 1719. There is a note on the verso of the 17 December 1719 newsletter by John Farr Junior.

Farr, John

Oswald Mosley book of devotions

  • MS072
  • Stuk
  • by 1727

The fonds consists of a bound manuscript, 234 pages in length, containing prayers appropriate for different occasions, times of day, Sabbath prayers, and so on. There is an index on the inside front and back covers. Also written on the inside cover is: This book of devotions in the handwriting of Oswald Mosley, Esq. (father of the first Sir Oswald) who died A.D. 1726 in the 87th year of his age. Oswald Mosley." The book had been started by at least 1707, which appears on one of the end papers, but the precise date, other than completion before the end of Oswald's life, is unknown.

Pasted on the inside front cover is a bookplate containing the Mosley family coat of arms, with the family motto "Mos Legem Regit" followed by "Sir Oswald Mosley Bart., Rolleston House". Stamped on spine is "Prayers Mss."

Mosley, Oswald

Works of Voltaire manuscript

  • MS028
  • Stuk
  • 1736

Fair copy by an unknown hand of Voltaire's poem transcribed from a manuscript in the library of Prince Eugene of Savoy. The volume contains manuscripts of: Epitre a Uranie (8 p.); Le fameux livre des trois imposteurs traduit du latin en françois; Dissertation sur Le livre des trois imposteurs (28 p.); and, Le fameux livre des trois imposteurs traduit du latin en françois. All three manuscripts are bound into one volume. There is no agreement on the authorship of Les trois imposteurs.

George Arnet manuscript

  • MS001
  • Stuk
  • 1732-1742

The fonds consists of a bound manuscript containing a sermon Arnet preached titled "A sermon, preach'd at Wakefield, at the visitation held there, by the Reverend Mr. Hayter, Archdeacon of York June, 30, 1732". The pages are numbered [1], 2-56. It is bound together with a letter to Philip Fruchard by Arnet, 12 July 1742, 2 p., introducing the sermon and making note of their friendship. Mr. Fruchard was a London merchant.

Arnet, George

Genaelogy and Lineage Chart of the Lords of Gera [Genealogia und Stammen-Tafel der Herren von Gera]

  • MS115
  • Stuk
  • [1727]-[after 1755]

Item comprises a manuscript codex, bound but without covers, completed by a single unidentified scribe sometime after 1755. It contains selections concerning the lords of Gera copied from Johann Georg Adam von Hoheneck’s printed books on the genealogy of Austrian lords, with scribal additions from an unknown source.

The first and largest portion of the copied text replicates title page and ff. 139-148 of Johann Georg Adam, Freiherr von Hoheneck, The Laudable Lords, Noble Houses of the Arch-Duchy of Austria on the Enns, as Prelates, Lordships, Knights and Cities, or, Genealogical and Historical Description ... First Volume [Die Löbliche Herren Herren-Stände Deß Ertz-Hertzogthumb Oesterreich ob der Enns Als Prälaten, Herren, Ritter, und Städte, oder, Genealog- und Historische Beschreibung ... Erster Theil ...] (Passau: Gabriel Mangold, 1727). This portion appears in the manuscript [1r-11v] under the title “Genealogy and Lineage Chart of the Lords of Gera from the Time They Came into this Land” [“Genealogia und Stammen-Tafel Der Herren von Gera von der Zeit, Sie in die es Land kommen”].

The second portion comes from the addenda printed in the same book, the first volume of Die Löbliche Herren Herren Stände, on f. 695. It appears in the manuscript [12r] under the title “Additions and Correction” [“Addenda et Corrigenda”].

The third and final portion derives from f. 15 of Johann Georg Adam, Freiherr von Hoheneck, Supplement or Addendum to the First Part of the Genealogical and Historical Description ... continued until the End of 1732 [Supplementum oder Anhang, zu dem ersten Theill, der Genealog- und Historischen Beschreibung ... continuirt bis Ende 1732] (Passau: Gabriel Mangold, 1733). It appears in the manuscript [12v-13v] under this title, sub-titled “Gera.” At least one addition from a source other than Hoheneck has been made by the scribe in this section, as the last entry mentions the death of Johann Ernst von Gera in 1755, the year after Hoheneck's own death.

The remaining leaves [14r-20v] are blank.

The manuscript is inscribed on laid paper, bearing two separate watermarks, “MI” and a floral motif, and has been arranged in folio format and bound with string. There are no covers. The pages bear folio numbers taken from the printed originals on the recto of each leaf. With full colour painted illustration of the coat-of-arms of Gera [2r]. The text is written in High German. The manuscript bears a title page which replicates the title page of the first volume of Hoheneck’s principal book, suggesting that there was no original intention to append the text from the supplemental volume. This is, however, contradicted by the fact that the ink and penmanship are consistent throughout, suggesting that the whole manuscript was accomplished together at one time.

Hoheneck, Johann Georg Adam, Freiherr von

John Wilkes letter

  • MS087
  • Stuk
  • 22 October 1764

A letter written by John Wilkes to "the worthy electors of the borough of Aylesbury in the county of Bucks" on 22 October 1764.

Wilkes, John

An assessment for the necessary relief of the poor

  • MS089
  • Stuk
  • 1764-1765

An assessment for the necessary relief of the poor, & for the other purposes relating to the poor, for the parish of Box, made and assessed the 21st day of October 1764 as follows.

1766 Madrid riots and Instruction Against the Jesuits

  • MS112
  • Stuk
  • 1760-1766

Indice. Tumulto de Madrid del anno 1766 .... Instruccion a Principes an malos Jesuitas.

Spanish and Portuguese manuscript bound in vellum. Notation on spine almost illegible but appears to read "PAPEL NARROS". 342 unnumbered pages. The first approx. half of the ms. is in Spanish. It concerns the 1766 riots in Madrid and consists of sections in various hands. The second section, ("Instruccaõ a Principes, sobre a Politica dos Padres Jesuittas") a translation from Italian into Portuguese, consists of instructions to rulers against the Jesuits, apparently in a single hand, dated Lisbon, 1760. The manuscript is in fragile condition: some leaves have become detached from the spine.

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