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Chronicon preciosum, or an account of English gold and silver money; the price of corn and other commodities; ... for six hundred years last past ... a fellow, who has an estate in land of inheritance ... vacate his fellowship on such condition, by Bishop Fleetwood

  • MS070
  • Item
  • 17--

This is a fair copy of Chapters 1-4 and the beginning of 5 of Fleetwood's book. It is presumed that it is copied from the 1745 edition and not the anonymous 1707 edition.

Fleetwood, William

Collection of lives English and foreign

  • MS073
  • Item
  • 1674

The book is a series of different manuscripts, gathered together into one volume. The compiler has numbered all the pages and included an overall index. The pages come from various sources causing repeats of individuals and in a few places incomplete entries.

Medical recipies, and Latin poetry and prose

  • MS079
  • Item
  • 17--

The manuscript contains excerpts from all four books of Horace's Odes in Latin, with English notes. As well as words noted in the margin that may be keys to the text. After this follows similar notes on the first book of his Epodes, a page on his Carmen Saeculare, and two pages on his Satires. In the same hand are the summaries to the first two books of Livy's Ab Urbe Condita. The excerpt was dated 28 September 1713.

There is a second hand that added notes after the first, for various recipes including medicine, wine, and ink.

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