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Canadiana postcard collection

  • RC0344
  • Coleção
  • [188-?]-[195-?]

This collection of Canadian postcards was pieced together by Morris Norman, a Toronto chartered accountant and notable collector of Canadiana, over a period of 30 years. The cards were purchased by Mr. Norman from postcard and antiquarian dealers. The cards cover many subjects: sports; aerial views, transportation; disasters; military; union; police; construction projects; suffragettes; agriculture; businesses; bands and parades; Natives; forestry; etc. Some cards were mass-produced by companies in series, and some were done by local studios and photographers, often at the request of individuals or businesses.

Anholt and van Dijk family fonds

  • RC0405
  • Arquivo
  • 1940-1947

The fonds consists of the following material: Juliette Celine Anholt, identity card, proof of citizenship, ration cards and printed coupons; also a fake identity card in the name of Helene Engelina Heukers – all with photographs except for the ration cards. Emma (her daughter), a ration card in the name of Emma van Dijk, two school notebooks ca. 1940-42, a book entitled Joosje uit de Heidehut with an inscription from her father on the occasion of her tenth birthday in 1941, a drawing of a child's face 1947, Duik-Kaart 24 April 1945 about her hidden status, an identification card with Nazi stamps 1940s, a psychiatric report dated 8 January 1947, cloth-covered folk dolls of an Orthodox Jewish couple of Polish origin (given to Emma by her father in 1941); for Keetje Kalf, 4 postcards to her parents 1937. There are six original loose photographs of Juliette, Emma, and other family members, an original photograph of her school class in 1938-39 and a photo reproduction of Emma, her brother and sister (March 1943). There is one reproduction of a photograph of Emma’s fifth grade class. Also in the fonds are some documents of Erich Weisz whom Emma met after the war and married. Two identity cards were issued to him in English by the Allied Expeditionary Force in 1945. The third is a letter in Dutch from the Central Registration Office for Jews, 20 December 1945, addressed to Erich Weisz [spelt Weiss on the document].

Emmy Weisz has written some brief recollections of that time which are available with the fonds.

Anholt and van Dijk family

Selkirk family collection

  • RC0531
  • Coleção
  • [18??]

The collection consists of four photographs pasted onto board and one partial news clipping dated 25 December 1896. All photographs have captions in pen. Two of the photographs are of “the old mansion at St. Mary’s Isle, the seat of Lord Selkirk”. One is of “the Selkirk family burial-ground at Galtway”. Finally there is a photograph of a bust by Lord Selkirk by Canova. Antonio Canova (1757-1822) was an Italian sculptor. The news clipping concerns the building of a new mansion at St. Mary’s Isle by Capt. Hope “very nearly on the same spot which the old mansion stood” in 1896.

Selkirk, Thomas Douglas

C.T. Atkinson fonds

  • RC0560
  • Arquivo
  • 1926-1930

The fonds consists six letters to C.T. Atkinson, 1926-1930, regarding the publication of his book. There is one page of holograph notes, perhaps by a reviewer, news clippings of book reviews, and a publisher's circular for 1926 which does not list Atkinson's book. There are also two post cards.

Atkinson, Christopher Thomas

Stanley and Evelyn Mann

  • RC0604
  • Arquivo
  • [191-]-1944

The fonds consists of personal documents relating to his daughter Evelyn’s education and marriage, personal and official correspondence, and photographs – ranging from Stanley and Evelyn’s childhoods to Stanley Mann’s funeral.

Mann, Stanley Dickinson

Harold LeRoy Ward fonds

  • RC0605
  • Arquivo
  • [192-]-1945

The fonds consists of two pilot’s flying log books (22 November 1941 until 2 March 1945), 16 b&w photographs, and a certificate from the Department of National Defence for Air about Ward’s service war record. The two earliest photographs depict Ward as a toddler and the students of his school at Dorchester in 1933. The other photographs relate to World War II: his training at Montreal, friends and acquaintances in the service, and aerial bombardments.

Ward, Harold LeRoy

Book of Purity and Prayer

  • MS037
  • Coleção
  • 17??-19??

Fair copy in an unknown hand or hands. Commentary on the original manuscript has been added around the margin and on inserted loose sheets. -- Contents page is illuminated in red, gold and blue. Some pages have been bound incorrectly, that is upside down. Text is predominantly Arabic with some Persian. Table of contents is in Persian. The manuscript contains instructions on conduct for living an Islamic life.

Lawrence Durrell collection

  • RC0696
  • Coleção
  • 1944-1976

The collection (40-1992) consists of letters to Dudley and Mary Honor ("Duddles and Boo") as well as one letter to Henry Miller, and typescripts. The collection was supplemented by two inscribed books by Durrell which have been catalogued. See also Mary Honor, "Larry--Our Friend," Library Research News n.s. 3, no. 2 (Fall 1993): 1-2.

Durrell, Lawrence

Lily Edward Jones collection

  • RC0699
  • Coleção
  • [192?]-[193?]

"Scented sunbeams". - n.d. - 1 p. - Poem found in Woodland Songs. "The pathway of life". - n.d. - 1 p. - Poem on front free end paper of Woodland Songs.

Letter to "Vi", n.d., containing three poems. - 2 p.

Jones, Lily Edwards

Richard C. Hilborn fonds

  • RC0735
  • Arquivo
  • 1946-2000

This fonds consists of: correspondence from Viscountess Nancy Astor to Hilborn; a brief family history of the Astor family by Hilborn; and a typescript and published version of Hilborn's It's Been Fun.

Hilborn, Richard C.

Thomas Laidlaw fonds

  • RC0700
  • Arquivo
  • [18-?]

The fonds consists of poetry and prose written by Laidlaw.

Laidlaw, Thomas

Laws of England from the reign of William III

  • MS023
  • Item
  • 16--

Manuscript contains regulations, laws and pleas of various types from the municipal laws of England from the reign of William III (Brevium, procepionem, placitorum, diversi generis, secundum jus municipale).

Qur'an manuscript

  • MS038
  • Item
  • 18--

An incomplete manuscript. Contains all of the Qur'an but also contains other prayers. Part of a series, neither the first or last volume. Turkish in origin. Illumination in black, gold, green, and red. There are two pages containing only illumination in the same colours.

Divers prieres

  • MS047
  • Item
  • 16--/17--

Translation of Title: Various Prayers.

Eric Dowling fonds

  • RC0160
  • Arquivo
  • [194-]-1991

Fonds (59-1995) consists of correspondence, tss. and mss. of speeches, bound diary-notebooks, musical socres, photographs, and printed materials including published music, programmes, and news clippings.

Dowling, Eric

H. G. Wells collection

  • RC0191
  • Coleção
  • 191?-1943

There have been several accruals. The collection consists of correspondence, mainly to Sir Newman Flower, manuscripts and typescripts. The manuscripts include Mr. Britling Sees It Through, which was published in 1916. There is also correspondence to Seigfried Sassoon. There is a one page memoir of Wells by one of his secretaries, Winnifred Classey. The collection also consists of an extensive holding of periodicals containing articles by and about Wells.

Wells, H. G.

Geoffrey Handley-Taylor fonds

  • RC0345
  • Arquivo
  • 1916?-1981

The fonds consists of material related to Handely-Taylor's work, as well as correspondence and other material.

Handley-Taylor, Geoffrey

Franklin Charles Zurbrigg fonds

  • RC0611
  • Arquivo
  • [194-]-1951

The fonds consists of two notebooks kept by F.C. Zurbrigg – one on meteorology and the other on bombing. There is also a b&w photograph of Zurbrigg with his plane, a Hudson aircraft, and an invitation from McMaster University to the unveiling of a memorial tablet in Alumni Hall bearing the names of all members of the University who were killed in World War II.

Zurbrigg, Franklin Charles

Book of hours

  • MS105
  • Item
  • between 1470 and 1480

Manuscript is primarily in Latin with headings and saints names in French. The original description from the dealer indicated that it was 'composed in the style of the School of Tours'. However, the saints' days selected for inclusion in the calendar as well as textual variations in the Office of the Virgin suggest that it was produced for use in the Troyes region of France.

Hamilton, Ontario Waterworks fonds

  • RC0734
  • Arquivo
  • 1854-1918

The fonds is comprised of early drawings of the original waterworks (many signed by T.C. Keefer) and later designs of extension and improvements.

Hamilton (Ont.) Waterworks

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