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Cooper, Art

  • RC0942
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1953-Present

Art Cooper is a comic artist who created original artwork for a variety of McMaster campus publications in the 1970s. He also contributed original artwork to Hamilton comic fandom publications in the 1960s and 1970s.

Cooper graduated from McMaster’s engineering undergraduate program in 1979. Subsequently, he completed an MBA at McMaster in 1980. As a student (1970s), Cooper produced artwork for the Silhouette and Plumbline (Engineering newspaper), posters for the McMaster Film Board, and artwork for special events on campus.

Cooper also participated in the Hamilton comic fandom scene, contributing artwork for Terry Edwards’ ComiCanada in 1967, one of the first Canadian comic-related publications since the demise of Canadian comic publisher Superior Publishers in 1956. Cooper also published his own magazine, Canada’s Best #1, in 1969, and was a founding partner (with Vince Marchesano) of Spectrum Publications, which published 17 mini-comic books in 1971-1973. Finally, Cooper penciled two stories for Orb Magazine (1976), a Canadian science fiction/comic publication.