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de Maillé, Henri

  • RC0899
  • Person
  • 16?? - after 1715

Henri de Maillé, marquis de Carman, was a French nobleman who flourished in the late 17th century. In 1674 he married Marie Anne du Puy de Murinées; their only child, Donatien, was the maternal grandfather and namesake of Donatien Alphonse François — better known by his title, the Marquis de Sade.

Zündel, Ernst

  • RC0254
  • Person
  • 1939-

Ernst Zundel, Holocaust denier, was born in Germany on 24 April 1939. At the age of fourteen he was apprenticed to a trade school. He had shown promise as an artist and was sent into a training program of a graphic arts institute. He moved to Canada in 1958 and was hired as an apprentice in commercial art at Simpsons in Toronto. He became a very prolific graphic artist. In 1959 Zundel met Adrien Arcand, leader of Canada's National Socialist Christian Party. Through him Zundel formed North American and European contacts. He ran for leadership of the Liberal Party in 1966. Beginning in the 1970s Zundel organized revisionist conferences, and began his mass mailing of revisionist books and pamphlets. In 1984 he was charged under Canada's Criminal Code for publishing hate literature which promoted social and racial charges. The trial was held in 1985 and he was found guilty.

Zurbrigg, Franklin Charles

  • RC0611
  • Person
  • 1917-1943

Franklin Charles Zurbrigg, born 1 June 1917, was from Exeter, Ontario. He served with the Royal Canadian Air Force, with the rank of Flight Sergeant, as a navigator and bomb aimer. He was killed on 13 January 1943 when his plane overshot the runway at Silloth aerodrome. He is buried in the Causewayhead Cemetery, Silloth, Cumbria, Scotland.

Young Men's Christian Association of Canada

  • RC0566
  • Corporate body
  • 1851-

The first YMCA in Canada opened in Montreal in 1851. Canadian YMCA War Services started fifteen years later. During the First World War they offered recreational and educational opportunities. This included the partnership with Canadian universities, known as Khaki College/University, to provide education and job training to prepare troops for their return to civilian life.

Yeats, W. B.

  • RC0869
  • Person
  • 1865-1939

W. B. Yeats, poet and playwright, was born in Dublin on 13 June 1865. His most popular play is the patriotic Cathleen ni Houlihan first performed in 1902. His poetry includes The Tower (1928) and The Winding Stair (1929). Yeats won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. He died in Roquebrune, France on 28 January 1939.

Writing Magazine

  • RC0123
  • Corporate body
  • 1980-

Writing magazine was begun by the poets David McFadden (1940-) and Fred Wah (1939-), at the David Thompson University Centre in Nelson, British Columbia, in 1980. Though it began as part of the creative writing programme there, it is not a student magazine. It has published the work of Canadian writers such as Margaret Atwood, Susan Musgrave, and George Bowering, among others.

Writers' Union of Canada

  • RC0058
  • Corporate body
  • 1972-

Organized in 1972, the Writers' Union of Canada held its first annual general meeting of eighty founding members at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on 3 November 1973. The purpose of the Writers' Union is to unite Canadian writers for the advancement of their common interest--the fostering of Canadian writing, relations with publishers, exchange of information among members, safeguarding the freedom to write and publish, and good relations with other writers and their organizations in Canada and throughout the world.

For further information on the Writers' Union, see Ted Whittaker, ed., The Writers' Union of Canada: A Directory of Members (Toronto: The Writers' Union of Canada, 1981).

Wright, Robert Percy

  • RC0394
  • Person
  • 1882-[19--]

Robert Percy Wright was born in Montreal on 5 October 1882. He was educated at McGill University where he excelled in athletics, graduating in medicine in 1908. He interned at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal from 1908-10 followed by a placement at the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital in New York, 1910-1912. After a lengthy tour through Europe, Wright was appointed as a specialist in his two fields of expertise, Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology, in October 1911 at Jeffery Hale Hospital, Quebec City. He became a Vice-President of the Medical Officers Association of Quebec in 1913.

In 1904 he had joined the Canadian militia as a private and received regular promotions through the ranks. When he left for France in 1915 he was a Major with the 1st Canadian Field Ambulance, Canadian Expeditionary Force. In France he rose to the rank of Colonel, and was appointed Assistant Director Medical Services (A.D.M.S.), Canadian Army Medical Corps (C.A.M.C.), 1st Canadian Division in July 1917. Upon his return to Canada he received an appointment at the Montreal General Hospital. From 1923 to 1929 he practised at the Methodist General Hospital, Terreon, Mexico before returning to Montreal. In 1925 he married Hectorine Lafleur. He published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, was a fellow of the Royal Society and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. His date of death is not known.

Woolf, Virginia

  • RC0204
  • Person
  • 1882-1941

Virginia Woolf, novelist and essayist, was born in Kensington on 25 January 1882 and educated at home by her father, Sir Leslie Stephen. In 1912 she married Leonard Woolf. Together they established the Hogarth Press in 1917. Although her early novels employed a more traditional style of writing, she later explored different techniques such as stream of consciousness. In addition to her fiction, Woolf wrote essays, biography, and the feminist classic A Room of One's Own. She suffered from bouts of mental instability throughout her life and drowned herself on 28 March 1941.

Woods, Oliver

  • RC0094
  • Person
  • ?-1972

Oliver Frederick John Bradley Woods spend his entire career with The Times. His work with that newspaper started in 1934 and was only interrupted by military service in World War II. After the war, he was appointed Colonial correspondent and travelled extensively. In 1961 Woods was appointed Assistant Editor of The Times and shifted his attention primarily to the British domestic scene. Just before his death in 1972 he had nearly completed his draft of The Story of The Times (1983).
Longer biographical sketch by Richard A. Rempel can be found in Library Research News 9, no. 2 (Autumn 1985): ii-iv.

Woodman, Dianne

  • RC0601
  • Person
  • [19--]-

Dianne Woodman began her work in the publishing industry in 1964 when she was hired as the Edmonton representative for McClelland & Stewart. From 1972-1974 she worked as their publicity director in Toronto, before becoming the Western rep for Stanton, MacDougall and Hunt. In 1976 she opened Village Bookshop and Volume Two in Edmonton.

Beginning in 1984, she began to record interviews with authors and others in the industry in an effort to preserve their memories and experiences.

Wood, Frank S.

  • RC0497
  • Person
  • 1871

Frank S. Wood, born in March 1871, emigrated from Yorkshire, England to Hamilton, Ontario in 1888. It was during that year he collected a small lithic celt from a site in Yorkshire, which marked the beginning of his collecting career. The Wood artifact collection consists of approximately 10,007 specimens. The collection was amassed by Frank S. Wood and continued by his son Alfred E. Wood. Importantly, Wood collected a Palaeo-indigineous fluted point in Binbrook Township. This projectile point is one of the oldest found in Ontario (8000-6000 BCE). The Wood artifact collection was donated to McMaster University in 1973 (housed in the Ethnography Collection in the Department of Anthropology).

In 1894, Wood participated in the “Around the Bay Road Race”, winning second place behind W.R. Marshall. Frank S. Wood’s final race occurred as part of the 1 July 1 1927 Confederation Jubilee celebrations in Hamilton. He entered as the most senior participant at 56 years old.

Wood, Alfred E.

  • RC0497
  • Person

The collection was amassed by Frank S. Wood and continued by his son Alfred E. Wood.

Wolfenden, R. Norris

  • RC0173
  • Person
  • 1854-1926

R. Norris Wolfenden was a medical doctor and graduate of Cambridge University who did biological research in the North Atlantic, 1899-1907. He was a fellow of the Linnaean Society and the Zoological Society. His first cruise was around the Shetland Islands where he collected plankton in June 1899. In 1904 he made an extended cruise from Valentia, Ireland to the Azores on his own yacht and repeated much of that cruise in 1905. He seems to have been inspired in his work by the 1876 voyage of the Challenger. He published his observations as Scientific and Biological Researches in the North Atlantic (1909).

Wolfe, Morris

  • RC0167
  • Person
  • 1938-

Morris Wolfe was born in Toronto, Ont. on 9 March 1938. In 1961, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a general B.A. Wolfe received an Honours Degree in English from the University of Guelph in 1968 and a Master's Degree in English in 1973 from the University of Waterloo. He taught English at the University of Guelph for five years and retired early from part-time teaching at the Ontario College of Art and Design where he taught film history for thirty years. In 1970, Wolfe turned to freelance writing and since then has written, edited and co-edited twelve books. He has also published hundreds of columns, articles, review articles and reviews in a variety of Canadian and American journals, including Canadian Literature, Cinema Canada, Jewish Dialog, Saturday Night, Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star. Wolfe wrote a television column for Saturday Night from 1973 to1980, a book column for Books in Canada from 1973 to 1984, a media column for the journal Content from 1976 to 1979, and a magazine column for the Globe and Mail from 1989 to 1995.

Winter, Jack

  • RC0035
  • Person
  • 1936-

Jack Winter was born on 19 April 1936 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He was educated at McGill University in Montréal and the University of Toronto. He taught at both the University of Toronto and York University. While in Canada, he wrote plays for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as well as for the stage; he published two books of poetry in 1957 and 1973 and one play in 1972. In 1976 he moved to England where he continued to write radio, television and stage plays. He has held the C. Day Lewis Fellowship of the Greater London Arts Association and the Arts Council of Great Britain Creative Writing Fellowship. Presently he lives in Bath and is a tutor of Creative Writing at the University of Bristol. In 1995 he published his first collection of poetry in Britain, Misplaced Persons.

Windridge, William Eric

  • RC0548
  • Person
  • 1895-[19--]

William Eric Windridge was born in Bexley, Kent in England on the 17th of July 1895 to Thomas Windridge. His occupation is listed as a clerk when he enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in September 1915 and he served with the 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion. He enlisted again in 1942 and served with the Veteran Guards of Canada until September 1945. Between the wars he married his wife, Edith, and they had one daughter, Dorothy, born in 1926. Edith passed away in March of 1943.

Wilson, Tom

  • RC0907
  • Person
  • 1959-

Thomas Cunningham (Tom) Wilson (b. 1959) is a Canadian rock musician and songwriter based in Hamilton. He is also an author and visual artist. At the age of 53, he learned that he was adopted and that his ancestry is Mohawk.

As a musician, Wilson has a solo career and was also a founding member of The Florida Razors (1981-1987), Junkhouse (1989-1997), Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (1996 onward), and Lee Harvey Osmond (2009 onward). Collectively, they have recorded at least 18 albums.

He is the author of the acclaimed memoir Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers and the Road Home, published by Doubleday Canada in 2017.

The first exhibition of his visual art was held at the Art Gallery of Burlington in 2018-2019.

Williams, Lynn R.

  • RC0172
  • Person
  • 1924-2014

Lynn R. Williams was hired as an organizer for the drive to unionize Eaton's Department Store in Toronto, Ont. He had studied at McMaster University and been active in union activities in Hamilton, Ont. After the Eaton's campaign, he worked to organize Smith's Department Store in Windsor, Ont. In 1956 he joined the staff of the United Steel Workers of America and eventually rose to be its president

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