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Markland, Russell

  • RC0465
  • Persona
  • 1892-1973

Russell Markland was born in 1892 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England. He became a poet, publishing several volumes of poetry, beginning in 1911. The Glory of Belgium (1915), collated and edited by him, was a poetry anthology published in support of the Belgian Repatriation Fund. Markland sometimes used a pseudonym, R.M. Ingersley. The Glory of Belgium contains two poems by Ingersley.

Totton, Charles R.

  • RC0468
  • Persona
  • 1881-1955

Charles R. Totton was born at Wellman's Corners, Ontario on 13 June 1881. He graduated from the University of Toronto as a medical doctor. He served with the British army Medical Corps during World War I. He died on 19 April 1955 in Sarnia, Ontario.

Hartmann, Otto

  • RC0489
  • Persona
  • [1880?]-[19--]

Otto Hartmann, born perhaps around 1880, was a soldier in the Prussian Army during the First World War. Between March and October 1915, he served as a Vizefeldwebel [Staff Sergeant] with Landsturm [home defence] battalions, assigned to rear-guard duties with prisoners-of-war. At first he was stationed with 2. Companie of the 14. Landsturm Infanterie Ersatz-Bataillon at the Rennfeld prisoner-or-war camp in Münster. At the beginning of May, he was in Retowo in East Prussia, en route to Lithuania with 7. Companie, Halbbataillon Münster of the Landsturm Infanterie Regiment no. 1. Shortly, his company arrived at Rossienie [Raseiniai], staying there for several weeks. By the middle of July, Hartmann was attached to the Etappen of the Niemen armee [Army of ne Niemen]. His assignments took him west and north of Kovno [Kaunas], to Borki, Sredniki [Seredzius], Wilki [Vilkija], and Kieydany [Kedaniai], behind the operational front as it moved eastward. By mid-October, he had reached Janow [Jonava], north-east of Kovno. At this time some letters bore the stamp of 3. Kompanie of the Landsturm Infanterie Bataillon Schroda 1. Throughout these eight months, his wife Ada and their children Elizabeth, Fredy and Carl-Heinz lived in Minden, Westfalen [Westphalia], except for a period of time in the months of July and August, when they were visiting the family of Paul Voss in Solingen, Rheinland [Rhineland].

Troper, Harold Martin

  • RC0505
  • Persona
  • 1942-

Harold Martin Troper (1942-) completed an MA in history from the University of Cincinnati in 1966 and a PhD in history from the University of Toronto in 1971. The author of several books, including The Ransomed of God: The Secret Rescue of the Jews of Syria (1999) and Old Wounds: Jews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals in Canada (1988), he is a Professor in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE, University of Toronto. With Irving Abella, he co-authored None Is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933-1948 (1982), the story of the Canadian government’s refusal to allow Jewish immigration from Europe during the Holocaust.

Swift, Jonathan

  • RC0507
  • Persona
  • 1667-1745

Jonathan Swift, satirist, cleric and politician, was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Scammell, E.T.

  • RC0530
  • Persona
  • [19--]

E.T. Scammell served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario Branch of the Last Post Fund. The Ontario Branch was formed in 1922. The purpose of the Fund, founded in 1909, is to make sure that all of Canada’s veterans have proper burials and headstones.


  • RC0533
  • Persona
  • 1850-1942

H.R.H. Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert was born on 1 May 1850, the seventh child of Queen Victoria. He was created Duke of Connaught and Strathearn on 24 May 1874. From 1911 to 1916 he served as Governor-General of Canada.

H.M.S. Amethyst (Frigate)

  • MS055
  • Entidad colectiva
  • 1845-

H.M.S. Amethyst belonged to the Sixth rating in the Royal Navy, that is the lowest rating. It carried 28-24 guns, and was known as a donkey or jackass frigate. It was classed as a Spartan, along with five other ships, and carried 240 men. The guns were located on the upper deck, the quarter deck, and the forecastle. The keel was laid in April 1843 and the ship was launched on 1 October 1845. Beginning in 1864 it was lent out for commercial purposes. In 1869 it was sold to the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company.

Kennett, Terence James

  • RC0537
  • Persona
  • [19--]-

Terence J. Kennett was a professor in the Department of Physics at McMaster University for many years. He completed his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees at McMaster as well. After retirement he was made a Professor Emeritus.

Timmons, Clifford E.

  • RC0543
  • Persona
  • 1892-1963

Clifford Earle Timmons, a Canadian, was a fighter pilot during World War I. He was born 20 September 1892 and died in 1963 in Dundas.

Fraser, Daniel William

  • RC0561
  • Persona
  • 1876-[19--]

Daniel William Fraser was born on 26 October 1876 and lived in Toronto, Ont. before enlisting with the 228th Battalion, rising to the rank of Major. He was mentioned in dispatches and awarded a D.S.O. Fraser was demobilised on 31 January 1919 from the 6th Canadian Railway Troops, attached to the battalion.

Reid, James Henry

  • RC0577
  • Persona
  • 1891-

James Henry Reid was born in Toronto on 20 April 1891. He enlisted in the Canadian Army Dental Corps on 4 March 1916. At the time of his enlistment he was a dental student. He graduated from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons shortly thereafter. He apparently went to England in May 1917 and served out the duration of the war at a number of hospitals and dental clinics in London. Reid was a Lieutenant in 1916-17 and a Captain from 1917-19.

Pain, Barry,

  • RC0592
  • Persona
  • 1864-1928.

Nash's was a British literary magazine which in 1914 joined with the Pall Mall magazine to form Nash's and Pall Mall magazine.

Mann, Stanley Dickinson

  • RC0604
  • Persona
  • 1916-1944

Stanley Mann was born in Toronto, the son of Thomas Dickinson Mann and Helen Mann. He married Evelyn Austin on 9 August 1941. Enlisting in June 1942, he became a navigator in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Killed on 16 July 1944 during a training flight, he was buried in the Chester (Blacon) cemetery in England.

Cameron, Douglas

  • RC0606
  • Persona
  • [19--]-

F/L Douglas Cameron was a game keeper in Perthshire, Scotland prior to 1939. After training for the Royal Air Force, he served as a gunner with No. 58 Squadron based at York and flew two tours in Whitley bombers. While with this squadron he was shot down by an FW190 fighter. Following this, he served with Coastal Command, until moving to No. 149 Squadron based at Lakenheath where he joined the crew of F/Sgt. R.H. Middleton of the Royal Australian Air Force. On the night of 27/28 November 1942 they flew to Turin, Italy to attack the Fiat Works. Their Stirling aircraft was hit by flak and severely damaged while returning from the target. Middleton, missing one eye, managed to fly the aircraft back to the English coast where four of the crew, including Cameron, baled out before the aircraft crashed into the sea killing Middleton and two other crewmembers. Middleton was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his efforts and Douglas Cameron the DFM.

Removed from flying operations Cameron served with No. 20 O.T.U. at Lossiemouth as Gunnery Leader. In May 1944 he went back to ops with S/L Ian Bazalgette as part of the Pathfinder Force and began operating with No. 635 Squadron. On 4 August 1944 their Lancaster was struck by flak. Cameron and the able crew were ordered to bale out over France while Bazalgette attempted to land the plane on a single engine to save the lives of two injured crewmembers who were unable to jump. Bazalgette was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his action. Cameron was able to evade Nazi soldiers and tracking dogs in the forest. He joined up with the French Resistance and became a saboteur until the area was liberated.

Following the war Cameron returned to Scotland to continue his career as a gamekeeper. He named his only daughter Margaret Middleton Bazalgette Cameron as his lasting tribute to the pilots he had flown with on Victoria Cross flights.

Secord Family

  • RC0622
  • Familia
  • [18--]-

The Secord family settled in Barton township, county of Wentworth, Ontario. The Secord family was connected by marriage with the Powell and Miles families.

Arnold family

  • RC0392
  • Familia
  • 1930s

The Arnold family lived in Kitchener, Ontario in the 1930s. They had an interest in travel as well as aviation.

Lynch, Jane

  • RC0271
  • Persona
  • 1931-2011

Jane Lynch was the daughter of Joe and Nora Tiel.

She and her husband, Martin Lynch, worked as Peter C. Newman’s research assistants. They provided research, but also editing and fact checking services on at least twelve books and numerous articles. In addition, while Martin worked at the Globe & Mail and reference sources came up short, she would search the Lynch’s home reference collection for her husband.

Spruce Falls Power and Paper Comparny

  • RC0602
  • Entidad colectiva
  • 1926-

The Spruce Falls Power and Paper Company was incorporated under joint ownership of Kimberly-Clark and The New York Times in 1926. The company negotiated two hydro power leases on the Mattagami River at Smoky Falls and Devils Rapids. In the spring of 1926 work to build a paper mill at Kapuskasing, a hydro generating station at Smoky Falls and an 80 kilometer rail and power line connecting the two began. The contractor for the entire project was Morrow and Beatty Ltd. of Peterborough Ontario. In 1997, the plant came under sole ownership of Tembec and is now known as Tembec — Spruce Falls Operations.

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