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Welcome to AtoM, a searchable database of archival and manuscript material held by the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections at McMaster University! Find what you're looking for by searching or browsing using the bar above. Alternately, browse by subject area using the headings on this page. These subjects correspond to our major collecting areas, but please note that they do not cover everything!

This tool indexes our archival and manuscript descriptions (which give broad information about an item, archive, or collection) and authority records (which give information about the creators of our holdings). If you'd like to search our whole website — including our finding aids, which list the contents of our archives by box and file — use Site Search.

We are the principal repository for rare books, archives, antiquarian maps, and related historical material for the McMaster University Libraries in support of teaching, education, and scholarship. For more information about the Division's history, mission, and collections, please visit our About page.

Please note that some of our collections are stored offsite, and retrieval of these materials may take 2-4 days. Please contact the Division of Archives and Research Collections prior to your visit to ensure the material you want to use is available.

McMaster University Library is grateful to Dr. Alan Walker and the Canadian Council of Archives for the original funding in support of our online descriptions and finding aids.

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