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Condolences on Russell's death: answered by Lady Russell

  • RC0096-726
  • Series
  • 1970

As noted in the Archives 2 print finding aid, "Edith Russell received many condolences" following Bertrand Russell's death on 2 February 1970 and "she personally replied to" those included in this series (though copies of her replies are not here)...

95th Birthday letters

  • RC0096-725
  • Series
  • 1967

As noted in the Archives 2 print finding aid, "Russell's 95th birthday was on 18 May 1967. There was no public celebration, but some members of the public and friends sent their congratulations to him." Those congratulations are contained in this ...

90th Birthday mementoes/tribute

  • RC0096-724
  • Series
  • 1960-1962

Russell's 90th birthday on 18 May 1962 was celebrated the next evening at the Royal Festival Hall in London with a musical tribute. Series consists primarily of birthday letters/cards received by Russell from individuals and organizations all over...

Birthday cards, 1950-1969

  • RC0096-723
  • Series
  • 1950-1969

Series consists of approximately 500 cards congratulating Russell on his birthdays over the years 1950-1969. Includes cards from family members, friends, and other individuals and organizational bodies. Most were acquired with Archives 1, while a ...

Christmas cards, 1950-1969

  • RC0096-722
  • Series
  • 1950-1969; predominant 1960-1969

Series consists of approximately 1,500 cards wishing Russell a Merry Christmas and/or a Happy New Year as well as some typescript copies of replies written by Russell and Edith Russell. Includes cards from family members, friends, and other indivi...

Letters from the general public / miscellaneous correspondence

  • RC0096-720
  • Series
  • 1903, 1927-1970; predominant 1952-1969

As noted in the Archives 2 print finding aid: “This category of correspondence is formed from those letters that belong neither to series 710, Personal Correspondence, nor to the political, family or publishing series.” While “most of these letter...

Patricia Spence correspondence (letters received)

  • RC0096-713
  • Series
  • 1931-1936; predominant 1932-1935

Series consists of mostly letters received by Patricia (Peter) Spence from a variety of correspondents, including Russell’s daughter, Kate (Katharine Tait); Spence’s mother, “Mrs. Spence”; Gamel Brenan, Gerald Brenan, Alice Crunden, Moya Llewelyn ...

Miscellaneous personal documents

  • RC0096-712
  • Series
  • 1889, 1916-1972

This series consists of over 20 discrete personal items, including three passports (1919, 1931-36, 1941-46); certified copies of Russell's birth certificate and death certificate, including correspondence relating to his cremation; visa to Soviet ...

Personal correspondence

  • RC0096-710
  • Series
  • 1888-1970

Series consists of correspondence acquired with Archives 1 and 2. (It should be noted, however, that correspondence continues to be acquired). The scope of this series is vast both in terms of the time period covered and the topics and corresponde...

Heads of State

  • RC0096-650
  • Series
  • 1955-1966

Series consists predominately of correspondence with heads of state and other political leaders in various countries relating to issues of international politics, including the Cuban missile crisis, the Sino-Indian border dispute, the war in Vietn...

World affairs

  • RC0096-640
  • Series
  • 1955-1966

Series relates to Russell’s involvement in international affairs, especially regarding issues of peace. By 1963, the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation had been established, and the affairs of the BRPF are also reflected here. Accordingly, there is...

Nuclear disarmament

  • RC0096-630
  • Series
  • 1956-1965

Series consists of material reflecting Russell’s activity and leadership with such groups as the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the Committee of 100, and other peace organizations and protest groups. Included are correspondence, drafted ...

Pugwash movement

  • RC0096-625
  • Series
  • 1956-1966

Series consists of correspondence, 1956-1966, the published proceedings of the 2nd-13th Pugwash Conferences, reports of various Conferences, agendas and minutes of the 1st-3rd and 10th Conferences, as well as minutes of some Pugwash Continuing Com...

Peace activities

  • RC0096-600
  • Series
  • 1953-1955

Series consists of correspondence and printed material relating to Russell's anti-nuclear warfare activities during 1953-1955, including the broadcast of "Man's Peril", 23 Dec 1954, the development of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto (including corr...

The Family Planning Association and related correspondence

  • RC0096-590
  • Series
  • 1952-1965

Series consists of correspondence, news clippings, statements, copies of various journals, printed essays, pamphlets, bulletins, and articles illustrating Russell's interest in and support of birth control. Among the more voluminous publications a...

Congress for Cultural Freedom

  • RC0096-580
  • Series
  • 1953-1961

Series largely consists of Russell's correspondence with the Congress for Cultural Freedom and the Committee on Science and Freedom as well as reports relating to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, meeting minutes, news clippings, and bulletins. Le...

The New Commonwealth

  • RC0096-560
  • Series
  • 1947

Series consists of correspondence, reports, proposals, a questionnaire, a news clipping, pamphlets, statements, essays, and articles relating to the activities of the New Commonwealth society, which had been founded in 1932 and had interests in wo...

World government, 1953-1965

  • RC0096-570
  • Series
  • 1953-1965

Series consists of correspondence, circulars, meeting minutes, invitations, news clippings, statements, and booklets relating to Russell's interest in world government, and his engagement with groups such as the Parliamentary Group for World Gover...

United Europe Movement

  • RC0096-555
  • Series
  • 1946-1947, 1955

Series consists of correspondence, membership information and printed material relating to the United Europe Movement. Also includes a brief note in Russell’s hand which reads in part: “The United Europe Movement, inaugurated by Churchill in 1946,...

'Save Europe Now'

  • RC0096-550
  • Series
  • 1945-1947

Series consists primarily of letters from Victor Gollancz, chairman of Save Europe Now, which was concerned with post-WWII relief and reconstruction in central Europe; some of the letters are addressed to Lady [Patricia] Russell. Also includes oth...

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