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Manuscripts authored by Russell

  • RC0096-200
  • Séries
  • 1878-1968

Consists of manuscripts and typescripts of works authored by Russell, including the following 3 series acquired with Archives 1 and 2. Since the acquisition of Archives 1 and 2, additional manuscripts have been acquired as part of Archives 3, or ‘...

BRPF: General political correspondence

  • RC0096-315
  • Séries
  • 1962-1970

Series consists of correspondence with individuals known and unknown to Russell as well as with various campaigns with aims similar to those of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. Correspondents include Cyrus Eaton, an American businessman and ...

BRPF: Financial correspondence relating to politics

  • RC0096-316
  • Séries
  • 1956, 1962-1969

Series consists of correspondence acknowledging financial gifts from donors and some correspondence with individuals approached to sponsor the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. Also includes some business correspondence relating to the BRPF's act...

BRPF: Political prisoners

  • RC0096-330
  • Séries
  • 1958-1970

Series consists of correspondence with heads of state and foreign governments, with individuals concerned about certain political prisoners, and letters to editors. The correspondence reveals Russell's staunch advocacy for political prisoners acro...

BRPF: Branch offices

  • RC0096-350
  • Séries
  • 1951-1969

Series consists largely of correspondence with BRPF's international branches and also contains specific files pertaining to conference preparation, drafts of bulletins, and correspondence with branch directors and advisers. Includes typescript cop...

General correspondence on Vietnam

  • RC0096-376
  • Séries
  • 1963-1969

The series was acquired with Archives 2, the print finding aid for which states: “This [series] groups miscellaneous correspondence with individuals and organizations on the subject of the Vietnam War. The correspondence is international in scope ...

BRPF: Visa campaign for Vietnamese

  • RC0096-378
  • Séries
  • 1965, 1967

The series was acquired with Archives 2, the print finding aid for which states: “In the summer of 1965 the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation attempted to bring representatives of the National Liberation Front to Britain for public and private mee...

IWCT: Printed material

  • RC0096-385
  • Séries
  • 1964-1967

The series was acquired with Archives 2, the print finding aid for which states: “[Series] 385 fills fifteen boxes with assorted printed material on Vietnam and the reception of the Tribunal. Some of the documents are unpublished; they include som...

Publishing correspondence

  • RC0096-410
  • Séries
  • 1919-1970; predominant 1952-1970

Series consists of correspondence with Russell's publishers as well as requests for Russell to contribute writings for various journals, pamphlets, etc. Also includes some book covers from Allen & Unwin for some of Russell's published works. Lette...

Radio and television requests

  • RC0096-430
  • Séries
  • 1927, 1948-1965

Series consists of correspondence and other documents regarding Russell's radio broadcasts and television appearances, primarily with the BBC, but also including US networks ABC, CBS and NBC; Canada’s CBC; Australia’s ABC; Polskie Radio, Radio Fre...

'Save Europe Now'

  • RC0096-550
  • Séries
  • 1945-1947

Series consists primarily of letters from Victor Gollancz, chairman of Save Europe Now, which was concerned with post-WWII relief and reconstruction in central Europe; some of the letters are addressed to Lady [Patricia] Russell. Also includes oth...

The New Commonwealth

  • RC0096-560
  • Séries
  • 1947

Series consists of correspondence, reports, proposals, a questionnaire, a news clipping, pamphlets, statements, essays, and articles relating to the activities of the New Commonwealth society, which had been founded in 1932 and had interests in wo...

World affairs

  • RC0096-640
  • Séries
  • 1955-1966

Series relates to Russell’s involvement in international affairs, especially regarding issues of peace. By 1963, the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation had been established, and the affairs of the BRPF are also reflected here. Accordingly, there is...

Personal correspondence

  • RC0096-710
  • Séries
  • 1888-1970

Series consists of correspondence acquired with Archives 1 and 2. (It should be noted, however, that correspondence continues to be acquired). The scope of this series is vast both in terms of the time period covered and the topics and corresponde...

Patricia Spence correspondence (letters received)

  • RC0096-713
  • Séries
  • 1931-1936; predominant 1932-1935

Series consists of mostly letters received by Patricia (Peter) Spence from a variety of correspondents, including Russell’s daughter, Kate (Katharine Tait); Spence’s mother, “Mrs. Spence”; Gamel Brenan, Gerald Brenan, Alice Crunden, Moya Llewelyn ...

Frank Russell - letters from friends and family

  • RC0096-732
  • Séries
  • 1868, 1883-1931

Series consists of Frank Russell's correspondence with family and friends. Incoming correspondence largely consists of handwritten originals; outgoing correspondence consists of typescript copies. Includes copies of approximately 70 letters from F...

Frank Russell - politics and the law

  • RC0096-734
  • Séries
  • 1890-1930

Series consists of letters relating to Frank Russell's careers in politics and the legal profession. Many are from members of the House of Lords, where Russell first took his seat in 1887. Acquired as part of Archives 1.

Legal Correspondence

  • RC0096-760
  • Séries
  • 1925-1949; 1960-1981

Series consists of correspondence with Russell's legal firm, Coward, Chance & Co., relating Russell's letting of Telegraph House from his brother, 1927-1931; divorce proceedings between Russell and Dora, 1932-1935, as well as custody and schooling...

"Later" Legal and Business Correspondence

  • RC0096-762
  • Séries
  • 1906-1912; 1940-1969

Series consists largely of legal correspondence relating to alleged press abuse that Russell experienced in newspapers such as The Economist and Daily Mirror, and other publications; also includes documentation on various lawsuits. As noted in the...

Legal actions: First World War, Rex v. Russell, 1918

  • RC0096-806
  • Séries
  • 1918

Series consists of a few documents relating to the 1918 court case for which Russell was convicted under the Defence of the Realm Act and sentenced to Brixton prison. The charge resulted from comments made by Russell in the article ‘The German Pe...

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